“I had so much value attached to being a mom and a wife…now who am I?”

Fifteen years in Amy realized that she and her husband were not on the same page, maybe not even reading the same book. They had different ideas about how to raise their kids, how they wanted to live life, what they wanted in the future. Amy’s dreams were on the backburner. She felt alone and lonely.

Blue Binder Project helped Amy reframe how she thought about herself, what she wanted. “BBP reminded me of other things I’m passionate about, that I want, that I’d let go of in marriage.” Amy was a “really good worrier” and often felt like she was in “reactive survival mode” With time she has been able to quiet the “negative self-talk” and focus on being good to herself, her kids, her friends and family.

Moving into her own apartment brought so many emotions. Not being with her children all of the time was heard breaking. Focusing her energy on something positive (BBP) helped Amy sort through those feelings. “It was a life vest, a place of security to have a conversation with myself about what was happening”. Blue Binder Project helped give structure to this evolution, her new life.

Amy started focusing on gratitude. It wasn’t always easy but, with time, gratitude started helping her reframe the hard times, even the little things made a difference. Her outlook became more positive and she could see the light at the end of the tunnel. She was able to move through the emotions that come along with divorce and learned how to embrace being alone.

Divorce is hard. Soul shattering. Can make you feel like a horrible person and that everything is your fault. Amy is so glad to have had the Blue Binder Project on her side!

“Blue Binder Project helped me do more directed, intentional work and I’m sad to see it ending!”