If you're reading this, you probably have amazing clarity right now.

If you can picture your brain as a washing machine on spin cycle, the window of clarity is the silence immediately after the spinning stops. In that silence, you have clarity to look at your life in a different way. What you choose to do, during the short window of clarity before the machine starts back up, can change the trajectory of your life.

This is why we created our courses.


Our courses encompass reflection, personal inventory,gratitude, accountability,and goal setting asyou work towards yourown personal alignment.Window of Clarityis rooted in strongpsychological scienceand will assist you inmaking permanent,positive changes to helpyou get more from life.


Personal growth takeseffort, plain and simple.The weekly homeworkassignments helpyou see the landscapeof your own mindthrough a different lens,one with less judgmentand more optimismthan before. This helpsyou move past ‘stuck’ tofind purpose, excitementand joy again.


The one-on-onetelephone coachingyou receive brings tolife the Window of Clarity coursesand homeworkassignments. Ourcoaches are fantasticat what they do, andtheir role is to help youget more from yourselfduring your window ofclarity than you couldachieve on your own.

You've got questions.
We've got answers!

Window of Clarity changes peoples' lives

by helping them recognize the window for amazing personal growth that is hidden inside every person’s worst moments.

We provide, at that exact right time, a step-by-step, scientifically-validated transformational courses, combined with expert coaching, to help them take the most difficult times into their next level of joy in their life.

Transform your life

Window of Clarity is such a desirable mind state, that we named our curriculum of courses after it. Our founder discovered a way out of dead ends, captured and codified it, and now has created a pathway of stepping stones that any of us can follow.

It's the right tool.
It's the right time.
It's all right here.
Are you ready?