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“Blue Binder Project has helped me focus on being a positive person and not holding onto negativity and resentment about my divorce.”

Ron is a businessman who travels internationally, and communicates daily with people across the world. He has taught team building within his company and knows how to communicate eloquently and precisely with people around him. In the business world, Ron was a successful executive in corporate America who loved his job. But his 30-year marriage was not healthy; his relationship had devolved to the point of Ron being verbally and mentally abused on a daily basis, and Ron made the right decision to seek a divorce.

After finding the right law firm to help him, Ron began asking himself some very real questions about how he found himself in this situation, and what can he learn from it. Then, Ron learned about Blue Binder Project and he jumped in with both feet.

Blue Binder Project helped Ron take a hard look at himself. He started paying attention to how he was managing fear and worry. He started focusing on what he can do to improve his life situation rather than focusing on how it went wrong. And sure enough, things started changing for him. His co-workers noticed a lighter, more confident Ron. The positive feedback helped him keep at it.

Blue Binder Project has helped Ron to get to a place to be able to release his resentment and anger towards his ex-wife. He is now very conscious about taking the ‘high road’ through this divorce. He’s practicing boundary setting, being firm and concise about his wants and needs, and not spiraling downward through anger or negativity.

Ron believes that if he did not have Blue Binder Project to focus his energy on that he would be in a very different place. He credits Blue Binder Project with truly helping him be the positive person he strives to be.

“Blue Binder Project helped me through the process of dealing with my personal feelings and how I handle myself through the divorce. I have a great vision for my future and what I want to have in my life!”