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To be blunt, no. You can’t wait until life calms down because you won’t do it later, regardless of how much you think you will now. And please understand that we say this from a place of love, not judgment! You can truly believe you will pick this back up later, because that certainly makes logical sense, but that isn’t how the human brain works. Right now, you are willing to do things you wouldn’t have done two weeks ago, and that you won’t do in two months from now – literally. That is the true power of your Window of Clarity.

Here is another way to say this – Each of us has a protective shell about ourselves that keeps us safe from society. The flip side of that protective shell is that it also keeps us confined into who we are. If you want to make change during your everyday life, you can, but you are essentially sanding away at that shell from the outside – this takes a long time and more persistence than most of us possess.

With the difficulty that you’re experiencing, that protective shell is shattered and in pieces on the ground. Right now, you are able to make true changes for yourself without having to break through that protective shell. But even as you read this, that shell is reforming, and if you wait ‘until later’ to do something for yourself, that protective barrier will be back in place, and you will have lost this opportunity.

We really encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity that comes with a challenge to work through whatever part of life has you stuck. This is more than just an idle suggestion – at the end of the day, you are facing this challenge because some part of life isn’t working the way it needs to. If you don’t take this chance to work on yourself, you run the risk of what is sometimes referred to as an AFLO (Another F’ing Learning Opportunity) – we didn’t coin that phrase, but it sure seems to fit.

Not that this exact thing would happen again, but if you don’t make the needed changes for yourself now, that same pressure/stress/stuck feeling will eventually return, and the next ‘opportunity’ will be after you do something that doesn’t make good sense in a relationship or your job or career or with your family. This is what happens in order to give you another opportunity for change. Needless to say, you don’t want too many of these opportunities because they don’t usually come associated with something pleasant.

Yes, if you let it and are ready to do the work to change. We believe in the power of changing your mindset, and in the power of taking action to make changes real. To gain the most value possible from Window of Clarity, you must unite both—the ideas with the action. We’re here to help you with direction, accountability and support, but it begins by helping yourself here!

Teaching and coaching services through Window of Clarity is not intended to replace mental health services such as psychotherapy, counseling or substance abuse treatment. Window of Clarity is meant to move your forward from this moment in time with mindset work and tactical solutions that you can use right away.

You know you will benefit because you are reading this. Seriously. You wouldn’t be on this site if our message didn’t resonate with you. Our message wouldn’t resonate with you if you weren’t ready to grow. So, quit reading these FAQ’s and call us or get started already!

First, see the disruption in your life as an opportunity to grow, not as some dire events that could only happen to you. Then, sign up for one of our courses. There, you will find by inputting good into your life, assessing your priorities and how your time is spent in actions, a fresh way of spending your daily energy emerges. While new habits are hard for any of us to keep going, it’s a newly-found confidence from knowing you have the right tools always at hand, that you can kickstart at any slump in your life, anytime.