Our Mission

To be the pathway connecting those who are ready to change, with the right tools to help them maximize their desire to grow. A better life is always within reach.

Our Values


More than honesty, it’s about cutting through to the truth.


Because everyone deserves a second chance.


Because we’ve marked the pathway with stepping stones, and everyone can pull themselves up.


This means understanding people and their struggles.

Seeing people clearly, from their perspective. We’ve been there too.

About Us

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MacDaniel & Tammy Reynolds

The year was 2013, and Reynolds Defense Firm was rapidly expanding and going through the dreaded ‘cash crunch’, a normal but utterly terrifying part of the business growth cycle. As MacDaniel and Tammy Reynolds tell it, “as business owners, nothing gets your attention quite like a rapidly approaching minus sign in your bank account.” With an ever-increasing clarity that they had to do something differently, a phrase from their business coach rang loudly in their ears, “if your business needs more money, provide more value to your clients.”

They took that phrase to heart, and the result of their work, Get Clear, became the first of its kind in the nation, a program specifically designed to help those arrested for DUI thrive through the legal process by redirecting their stress and fear into finding life purpose and increased enjoyment through a scientifically validated, coach-assisted personal development program.

The fantastic results of Get Clear spoke for itself and while helping hundreds of DUI clients, the Reynolds were approached by a divorce attorney hoping to help his divorce clients in a similar way, and Be Me was born. What we found was that people don’t just have a legal problem, they need to have a human solution. Attorneys work really hard to provide the best legal solutions for their clients, but often don’t know how to help on the human side.

In creating Be Me, the Reynolds found a surprising truth – while people enter into their window of clarity from different places, for example through a DUI arrest or a divorce, or the challenges of a global pandemic the work needed to find their next level was remarkably similar.

Meet our Coaches

All of our Window of Clarity life coaches are licensed therapists with various professional therapy degrees. They bring a balance of support and accountability, to get students down to brass tacks. One-on-one calls are molded to whatever is best for the participant. The point is for every student to harness their own Window of Clarity till progress sticks.

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Derica Waller


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Adrienne Bush


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Tamara Emery


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Sharon Carter


It's the right tool.
It's the right time.
It's all right here.
Are you ready?