37 year-old recruiter

“I never would have imagined a DUI would be an opportunity of a lifetime to change who I am.”

Michael was a college-educated, professional recruiter and had a solid family life with two kids and a wonderful wife. He had just been offered his dream job and was excited to begin. On the surface, his life looked put together and successful.

Then one afternoon, returning from golfing and drinks with friends, Michael was arrested for a DUI. The shock of being arrested forced Michael to take a deeper look at what was really happening in his life. The pressure and stress he felt providing for his family, taking care of an aging parent and traveling for work were building up to an intolerable level. It felt like everything was on his shoulders. Without realizing it, Michael had begun drinking more often. A private man in general, he began holding in more and more of his stress and unhappiness.

When Michael started the Blue Binder Project he was beginning to realize something had to change. Within the first week, Michael had already discovered something positive to work towards instead of just worrying about his DUI.

The results were outstanding! Michael’s whole perspective shifted from overburdened and exhausted to hopeful and energized. He began running again. He set goals for his family and for himself with a focus on what made him truly happy. He was no longer lost in the fog of stress, but could be the engaged father and husband he wanted to be. Upon graduation from the Blue Binder Project, Michael felt happier, more confident and positive about his future. “This was a paradigm shift for me,” he stated, “everyone should go through the Blue Binder Project!” Instead of the DUI being a low point in Michael’s life, it became a source of gratitude and positive change that he “wouldn’t trade for anything.”

“I’m actually grateful for this DUI. I wouldn’t be in such a great place without having to go through this and the Blue Binder Project.”