67 year-old IT consultant

“Life is a lot better for me today. I was in a big, grey funk, I had no clarity. Now I’m light years away from where I was and I wonder why I didn’t do this years ago.”

Terry got lost driving home after drinking at a Christmas party and was arrested for his fourth DUI in his lifetime. Despite his alcohol-related history, Terry had always been a successful, articulate and intelligent man. He knew his drinking had been problematic in his life but there was always a reason to explain it away. Over his 67 years, friends and family had commented on it and his previous DUI’s had disrupted his life, but he had never made a change.

This time, Terry chose to do something different. He took the opportunity to engage in Blue Binder Project and ask himself the tough questions about how his life was going. He realized he was tired of the life he had been living. He had the courage to look at what drinking meant for him in his life and how it was affecting his choices, his relationships and who he was as a person.
Within two weeks in the Blue Binder Project, Terry was already noticing a difference. “As I move through Blue Binder Project, I gain momentum with the concepts. I was a pretty confused guy a month ago, and now I’m a different guy. I’m glad to leave that confused guy behind.”

Terry made great strides in choosing to be sober and in changing how he thought about life. He began to create the life he wanted to be living, with confidence and clarity. Blue Binder Project helped Terry maximize his chance to break with his history of alcoholism, and he made the most of his opportunity.

“I really can look at this whole event as a blessing. It’s changed my life, and I’m going to recover from this. I have always talked myself out of the fact that I’m an alcoholic, but as soon as I said that, the weight of the world lifted off my shoulders. I am so glad to be out from under that!”