We designed Blue Binder Project to help you take control of your decisions and create a life that is reflective of who you are right now. You are in the middle of change and uncertainty that a divorce can bring. divorce can change so many aspects of life from finances to parenting to career and where you live. All those changes and the decisions you need to make to re-design your life can be overwhelming. No one else can tell you exactly how to make those decisions or how to create the life that will make you happy. Not your attorney, not your friends, not your spouse. Only you can choose what is best for you. What we do is help you find the confidence to know that you are making those decisions and managing those changes, along with the emotions that come with it, from the right place and for the right reasons.

Blue Binder Project will help you to create new habits that will ultimately help you be happier and feel confident as you navigate the divorce process. Your actions determine what you accomplish and what you experience in your life. It’s important to choose actions that give you the support and awareness that help you make good decisions and move forward into a new way of being. You may not have chosen this, but it is here, and you can either allow fear and worry to spiral you down, or you can put your energy into something positive that will benefit YOU. Which is a great outcome of an otherwise difficult situation.

As you go through the legal, emotional and logistical experience of divorce, your work with Blue Binder Project will allow you to trust that you have put in the work to be at peace with your choices and whatever follows. The biggest gift any of us can have is peace of mind – and for you this means knowing that you’ve done all you can do to create your best life from this point forward 

I am feeling more empowered in creating my life, not just reacting to what is happening through the divorce. I am giving myself more credit that I have built a life here. I am less resentful of the change.

How it works?

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Receive in the mail Blue Binder with your first week’s work and their assigned book for the mindset reading portion of the course.

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Receive in the mail Blue Binder with your first week’s work and their assigned book for the mindset reading portion of the course.

Coach Call

Have a‘roll-out’ phone call with your assigned coach where initial questions are answered, expectations set and weekly coaching calls scheduled.

Schedule Overview

Week 1
Getting Started

Takeaction, introduce new ways of thinking and promote accountability.

Week 2
Self Evaluation

Big picture view of life – what is working and what needs to change.

Week 3
Life Goals

The purpose of life goals, choosing current goals and how to achieve them.

Week 4
Core Principles

The value of making choices and living by what matters most to you.

Our Coaches

All of our BBP Coaches are experienced, Oregon licensed mental health professionals who have practiced in the mental health field forat least 5 years.

While coaching and counseling are different approaches, we wanted to be sure that BBP clients have the benefit of our coaches’ expertise and experience.

The BBP Coaching Team meets monthly to discuss clients’ progress and challenges. Ongoing training and consultation ensures that our coachesare consistently providing solid, effective services to our clients.

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We didn’t choose this, but it is here, and we either allow fear and worry to spiral us down, or we can put our energy into something positive that will benefit ourselves. Which is a great outcome out of an otherwise pretty difficult experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions


A:  This program includes: 3 weeks of instruction, at-home curriculum, and weekly group coaching calls.  Instead of feeling singled out or alone, working in a group allows you to share your experiences with other like-minded individuals and feed off encouraging group energy.  Delivering Blue Binder Project this way allows us to offer our award-winning curriculum at a lower cost to entry. And you don’t have to leave your home to do it.  Perfect during this stay at home time of Covid.


A:  The group calls are teleseminar calls, so there is no video element in the program.  You can access the group via your phone, tablet or PC, without any special software.  You will receive the call in/login information via email a couple days prior to your first call.  You don’t need to sign up for anything or log into anything, just dial the number.


A:  Each hour-long call talks through the previous week’s work in a Q&A format.  This allows you to answer questions and share your experiences with the coach to help you build momentum and stay motivated throughout the 3-week course.  Our licensed counselors are in the role of coaches role during these calls.  We end the session with a lesson/discussion of the next week’s work. The best part is you select the days & times that work best for your schedule!

The date you select will be your official start date and you will receive an email with an introductory audio along with the course materials for the first week.  Your first group call will be the following week, giving you time to complete the work prior to the call.  Your next calls will be at the same time/day over the next 2 weeks.


If any of the above fit what you’re feeling (or more than one!) Here’s some positive results from our participants about their experience with Blue Binder Project during their divorce:
I’m feeling more hopeful that I can work my way through this divorce and handle what comes. I am clearly looking at some of the choices I made during my marriage and how I want to be more in charge of my life going forward.

The rating system was useful for me. I was able to look back at my week and notice that I had more good days than bad. It made me think this is doable, I can get through this.

I want my kids to see that you can confront the hard stuff. I want to be strong for them so they can learn this and that means I’m being strong for me too.

I am already taking action more and deciding that I want to be more in charge of my own life. I’m coming to terms with the separation and realize that I may never fully understand all what happened. I am finding I need the explanation less and am more focused on moving forward.

I am thinking quite a bit about feeling worthy and speaking up about what I want in my life, not just going along with what others want. I want to discover my own version of life that I can be excited about.

Without Blue Binder Project, I never would have thought I had the courage to do all this and I’m very proud of myself. I was tired of waiting on my ex to make the decisions about the divorce and excited to take charge of my life.

I’ve reflected on my role in the marriage and how that contributed to where I am now. It has been very difficult to face this self-reflection, but I’m glad that I’m doing it. I need to face this and as hard as it is, for the first time I’m starting to think I might just be ok after all this.

I want to focus on taking a practical look at where I am now and what I can do to craft a new life for myself.

I’m learning new perspectives as, in the past, I’ve focused more on my duty as a dad and husband than on what I wanted.

Working through the shock of the divorce and understanding what was unhealthy about my marriage was very helpful.

Blue Binder Project helped me change the negative stories and perspectives I have held for so long.

I am definitely beginning to find my own strength and voice again, something that I seem to have lost touch with over the past years.

I’m grateful for Blue Binder Project. Divorce is tough no matter what. I’m going through the process and dealing with all those feelings and figuring out how to get to the other side. Ending a long-term relationship even though it wasn’t a good one, is still hard. And I don’t know how people do it without something like this.

I am a huge fan of Blue Binder Project. It has empowered me not to care about what my ex says about me, has helped me not be upset by things- it kind of slides right off. I think it’s necessary for anyone going through a divorce.

Blue Binder Project helped me sort through my feelings, it was a place of security to have conversation with myself about what was happening. It helped me reframe how I thought about myself, what I wanted. I learned I don’t have to be who I was in the marriage. It’s hard to imagine transitioning into where I am now without Blue Binder Project. I’m grateful for the guidance.


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