Congratulations on finishing your fourth week of the Blue Binder Project!

Enclosed is Week 5 of the Project. Take a moment now to give yourself credit for getting this far and fulfilling your commitment to improve your life. Not everyone takes the time and spends the energy to consciously and thoughtfully make their lives better. In this work, you are giving yourself the chance for more happiness and success in ways that can affect your life for years to come.

Week 5 is again separated into two main parts. In part one, you will get very specific about which growth practices and mindset ideas work for you. Collecting these discoveries in one place will give you a tool to turn to again and again as you confront new challenges and push yourself to accomplish more in life. Part two is about refining the steps you want to take to accomplish your goals. As you break your goals down into more manageable pieces, you will be able to see how you can get from here to there.

Remember, you don’t have a coaching call this week. It’s up to you to stay on track and hold yourself accountable, to continue to do this work and make progress. We like to suggest that, whatever time you would normally have your coaching call, use that same time to check in with yourself so see how much you’ve gotten done and what you still need to do this week. Keep that momentum going!

As with every portion of the Blue Binder Project, please work through Week 5 openly, sincerely, and honestly. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email us at