Congratulations on finishing your third week of the Blue Binder Project!

Enclosed is Week 4 of the Project, but before you begin, please take a few minutes to reflect on what you’ve accomplished in the last three short weeks.

Parts of your accomplishments are tangible. Look back through your Blue Binder to see what you’ve accomplished through writing down your thoughts and efforts. Re-read your journal entries and your Week Two Self Evaluation, your takeaways from the reading and the meetings you’ve attended. Those things are your tangible accomplishments.

Next, take an inventory of your non-tangible accomplishments. You’re thinking differently, more purposefully. You have less drift and more direction. You’re feeling better about yourself because you’re taking action. You’re building your willpower, and that gnawing feeling of discontent inside you is starting to fade. Other people are starting to notice that there is something different about you. Maybe you’re standing up straighter, or your eyes are clearer. You’re more engaged and enjoying each day. When you’re engaged and enjoying life more, people are drawn towards you because you help them feel good too. Some of your best and biggest accomplishments so far are the intangibles – what is changing inside you – and that’s pretty fantastic.