Welcome to Week 2 of the Blue Binder Project.

Congratulations again, both for making the decision to improve your life and for taking action to turn that decision into a reality. If all has gone as planned, you are current with the work we talked through in Week 1 of the Blue Binder Project. My hope is that you are starting to feel more at ease and content with yourself. You are in the process of improving yourself, and that is something that you should feel very good about. You are also starting to think and do things a little differently, in ways that are outside your normal routine, and that is also very good. Your old ways of thinking and doing things got you here, and you’ve made the decision that you don’t want to be here. The way to move away from here and not come back is to mold your ways of thinking and acting to become who you want to be.

You are also starting to pay attention a bit more to what’s going on inside of yourself – specifically your thoughts and the reasons behind your emotions. You are writing down in your journal the things that have had meaning or significance to you during Week 1. At this point, the more that you can think about what’s going on inside you, the better.

In Week 2, you will continue with the work you started in Week 1. In addition, you will take a look at who you are today as a person, how you spend your time, and what your priorities are. When you complete Week 2, you will know where you are starting from. This is information you must have to move towards where you want to go.