“And then this happened…”

Man Jumping over cliffs

I just finished reading “The Big Leap:  Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level” by Gay Hendricks, and I highly recommend you read it as well.  The main premise of the book is that most people have an ‘upper limit problem’ – a comfort zone that defines how much success and happiness a person feels he or she deserves.  The interesting thing is that this limiter exists at a subconscious level, so you aren’t even aware that it exists.  The scary thing is that a person may well sabotage their own success and happiness to keep from exceeding their ‘upper limit’ and never realize why they did so.  In this book, the author gives specific ways that you can become more aware of these barriers and, more importantly, overcome or eliminate them.   We all have the ability to go further than we could ever dream, but false fears and beliefs can prevent us from ever getting there.

Its uncanny how often I hear our clients describe something that describes this perfectly – they tell me about their recent promotion, or a great relationship or an accomplishment of some type, followed by “and then this happened, and I don’t know why I would ever do something like this – I never drink and drive.”  I don’t know how many DUI arrests really are the result of an upper limit problem, but I do know that I have heard this from many of the good people who come to us looking for help after a DUI arrest.  Many of these people have never been in trouble with the law before and are struggling with how they ended up in our office.  We often recommend these type of “mindset” readings for our clients to help them better understand the things that led to their arrest, so that they don’t end up back there again.  This book offers examples of skills and habits that demonstrate how to get past our personal internal limits.  This is one of the focuses of Window of Clarity, which helps our clients turn an arrest for a DUI into an opportunity to improve their lives.

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